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Colortune contents


Colortune now comes with black and white instructions. If you want to see a copy of the colour instructions click on these links.

Part 1.  Part 2.  Part 3.  Part 4.



What is the Colortune?

The Colortune has a clear spark plug that letsyou lookinto the combustion chamber while the engine is firing. The colour ofthecombustion flame tells you if the mixture is correct. With thecarburettor mixture screw you can then adjust the flame colour to getthe correct mixture.

The Colortune has colour charts and comprehensiveinstructions to carry out the job effectively. An effective flamecolour - diagnosis section is included in the booklet. Comes completewith periscope for recessed plugs.

Take the guesswork out of engine tuning with theColortune.

The world famous glass topped spark plug thatgives you a window into the combustion chamber so you can see theflame.

Why is this important? The flame's colour tellsyou the richness of the air/fuel ratio. A yellow flame means a richmixture and a blueish white flame a weaker mixture. Usually a bunsenblue flame is spot on.

The Colortune is so simple that anyone can useit. Itworks on the principle that certain fuel mixtures burn with a certaincolor.

The Colortune will work on both motorcycles andcars with carburettors. Just adjust the mixture screw to get thecorrect flame colour.

Also works on injection systems that have amixture adjuster.Mainly older injection systems.

The Colortune comes in 3 spark plug thread sizes.

10mm, 12mm and 14mm. (Most cars are 14mm) 

What size are your spark plugs?

Check the size on the Champion spark plug website here. Click on the vehicle type and select "Power Sport" then "Motorcycles etc.

For NGK the first letter on the sparkplug number indicates the size.

C 10mm
D 12mm
B 14mm

Check the NGK code number for:

motorcycles here

marine engines here

snowmobiles here

All vehicles here

Here is a reference website thatshows the coding for different manufacturers plugs here

When ordering state whether you want the 10mm,12mm or14mm kit.

Only £40

Check what that is in your currency.

Havemore thanone motorcycle and need different plugs?  Use the Colortune"A"kit. This best value kit is the standard 14mm Colortune with spare 12mmand10mm plugs. This is a complete 14mm kit with loose 12mm and 10mmplugs.  It will cover virtually the entire motorcycle range andlet you do most any motorcycle.
Motorcycle kit with two extra plugs (3 plugs in total 10mm, 12mm and 14mm) Colortune "A" kit: £80                  
Separate price for 3 Colortune kits would be £120)

All Colortune kits come with the components below.

Plug with clear core for viewing gas flame colour.

Extendable periscope tube for recessed plugs with a pivoting mirror soyou can see the plug and flame colour.

Angle the mirror and look down the tube to see the plug.

Supplied with viewerscopes for bright lightconditions, and viewing in recessed engines.

Can also be used on cars

Post and packing UK £2,
£3 Airmail Europe, £5 airmail USA, Canada, Australia, N Zealand, Japan. £12 Rest of World



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